This is it – ככה זה \ דני גלבוע

מילים ולחן: דני גלבוע, תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

סרטון השיר המקורי:

She said: Danny, hun
don't forget to take your meds
coz if you skip'em
well, your speech becomes a quirky mess
Love is not intended for the coward ones
A meaningful relationship ain't for the lazy guys
She wrote that in a letter
I burned the paper trail
I was circling around myself
looking for my tail

Felt her clinging to my soul
like ingrown nails
She punctured all my wheels
and made my tires flat
No matter what I tried
she lured me in
It shattered me completely
got addicted to the pain
No one send me now to rehabilitate
I’m really at my best
when I am like that

This is it
This is it
There is no escaping it

This is it, yeah
This is it
There is no escaping it

I go outside and window shop along my way
coz every day in Tel-Aviv is like a pride parade
You can take a look, can take a peek
What happens on the streets
is immorally sleek
Those teenage girls with miniskirts and lip gloss glam
Such a splendid show of elegance
a juvenile realm

Then I signed-up to a workshop
to become more self aware
Said I gotta smoke less cigarettes
to clear my air
I wanna be a healthy guy
I wanna gain my inner peace
They always told me at the end
I'll find the endless bliss
So we did Sun Salutation
stretched the body hard
They told me
push a little further
but not so far

This is it…

There I met a girl
She told me all about her mess
For a year now with no boyfriend
and the sex was kinda scarce
Then she smiled and gently whispered
"well, I live nearby"
"we can have a cup-a-coffee"
I couldn't even hear my mind
Heard myself say
"What the hell"
and later in her maze
she didn't leave me for a second
till she came in the first place

This is it…

I woke up, the sun was shining
she was dressing up
I caressed her back
and she was blushing inside out

She said
Listen, there's one thing that I almost forgot to say
I don’t know how to bluff or tell a lie
Don't take it the wrong way
we didn’t use a condom
if my period's late
tomorrow I turn 40, so I'll keep it, you can bet
I'll keep the baby

When I went outside alone
my confusion upped a notch
Like a star in my own show
but there is no one to watch

Then the drizzle has begun
and I thought it was a sign
they are waiting to admit me
where the pills are endless fun
And I really think
I need some tying down, that’s what I mean
Let’s breathe in asylum air
and embrace the old routine

This is it
This is it
There is no escaping it

This is it, yeah
This is it
There is no escaping it

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