Visit of the Dark Mistress – ביקור הגברת השחורה \ הגר רוה

מילים ולחן: הגר רוה. תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

הביצוע המקורי:

I promised myself back and forth, I won't ever meet her
my dark mistress whispers to me from far and away
Her voice is so sweet, and her music
caresses my skin like the waves

It's been just a week since I met her, but feels so eternal
Lost millions of faces, and so many people – erased
Our time has flown by, and besides her
there's no other poem or phrase

This longing is nibbling my soul, right I under the skin
The aches of goodbye have dissolved deep into the flesh
and she is so certain I'll see her
today or tomorrow, I'll crash

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