Life is beautiful – החיים יפים \ נאג' חמאדי

מילים: דרור פויר, לחן: אראל סג"ל, תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

השיר המקורי, מתוך אלבום הבכורה להיטי הזהב ששינו את העולם (חלק א'):


So vibrant outside
and black from within
The sun is up high
the soul's a cloudy bin
Whatever you see, it's just make-believe
I may look alive
but I'm dead underneath

Life is beautiful, a fabulous tale
Life is beautiful, I'm ugly as hell

So pure where you glance
and stale where you don't
It looks like a feather
I'm actually stoned
Whatever you see, I mask it with smoke
The façade is so serious, the inside's a joke


Enlightened outside
and bleak where I'm pinned
The thoughts are kind
the actions – obscene
I'm not Mr. White, let alone Mrs. Yoke
I seem to inhale, but I actually choke


I'm inside-out, like sweaters
She knots are now undone
So naked when I stand here
See all my stitches shine


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