Please take me – קח אותי \ היהודים

מילים ולחן: תום פטרובר, תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

סרטון השיר המקורי:

Who dared tell you that you are a freak
Who dared say you're not allowed
Who dared toss remarks, a useless prick
I'll take him to the ground

Who dared tell you what you oughta do
Who dared press you to the wall
There's a melody, you hear it too
a song inside them all

But she is out there soaked in endless dreams
She cannot live without you
Looking for a distant place to go
where she won't think about you
If you're going, please take me
I bet you hear my voice, it's me
singing this for you

Who dared tell you that you have no choice
Who dared brake your ocean waves
I guess sometimes it's just a little boat
which blocks the view for days

Who dared tell you that you need to give
give it all without a thought
In this old memory you'll start to find
the ending that you sought

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