Her Name was a mystery – לא ידע איש מי היא \ חיים נחמן ביאליק

מילים: חיים נחמן ביאליק, לחן: משה וילנסקי, תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

Her name was a mystery
and so was her journey
When their eyes caught her wonders
the fire was churning

The migrating riddle
flew her joyous sweet laughter
from a far away kingdom
a far ever after

So blithe and so bonny
her light – incandescent
and all of the townsmen
grew fragrant with her scent

The hiding and seeking
in the grinning green forest
became her dominion
with sweet laughter voices

On the very same day, or
on the very same night
she cast binding spells
on the boys in her sight

On the very same day, or
on the very same night
the quarrels of couples
began to ignite

The knitters and sewers
were gossiping lushly
and the elderly bearded
were scratching unshyly

The fathers and mothers
were sleepless and furious
as bridegrooms were roaming
dark alleys and corners

She vanished completely
on a crisp shiny morning
No one knew the reason
or where she was going

Like a nightingale she fled
away from the forest
and no one suspected
or merely foresaw it

The laughter fell silent
the forest was bleakened
and no one would enter
and no one would seek her

Some gloomy days followed
and the next were no different
The eyes looked so empty
the sadness – malignant

Each boy came back on time
to sit by the table
and a pitiful bride tamed
the groom in her stable

The lawfully married
spend their evening yawning
the boredom – so perfect
the sweetness – so daunting

The joy is away now
dark alleys are weeping
and fathers and mothers
are finally sleeping

The homes are unbroken
the streets are all empty
the town is now peaceful
and gray – such a pity

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