Light – אור / נעמי שמר

מילים ולחן: נעמי שמר, תרגום לאנגלית מאת נדבי נוקד

שושנה דמארי בעברית:

Light arising morning
(Distant lake at dawn (remember
Yes, I still remember
I will not stop, I will go on

Light is the announcement
(the time to shine, the time to rise (remember
Let me see it once more
This is the music to my eyes

Sunshine, bring on the sunshine
when my clouds are closing in
I shut my eyes so tightly
but all the sunshine is within

Light of sunny midday
(touches earthly bliss (remember
dances on the water
the standing grain, the seedling fields

Light descends by evening
(on my fields of time (remember
Yes, I still remember
It lights my day – my days and rhymes

…Sunshine, bring on the sunshine

(Light descends by evening (sunshine
(Light of sunny midday (sunshine
Light arising morning – light

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