Three Nights of Rain

Lyrics and Music: Nadavi Noked

Three nights of rain
three nights of sandy hiss
oathlike sigh
enchanting of the trees
flailing dance of leaves upon the desert

He broke the glass
he opened wide his eyes
damn blue lakes
the hourglass is right
now the sanded date is free to be away from palms

Farewell all my tears
Three days of light have made you glimmer
We can crest the dunes of life together
the dew is sweet
your feather in my palm
but the petal is so far away
Now the windy spring shall stroke its leaves and let it rhyme

When he caressed
when he inspired her
all the bells were speaking vividly
singing a forgotten tune for heaven
The trees were right
the forest flowered red
and the birds were free like birds again
Now the children listen to the story of their life

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