November – נובמבר \ מירי מסיקה

מילים ולחן: קרן פלס, תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

סרטון השיר המקורי:

Remember November
See the clouds, all the clouds in my eyes
It felt like we were drifting away from our lives
Day after day after day after we fell apart
we may have missed the moment, and lost my racing heart

Remember the chamber, the balloons and the ceiling above
The perilous adventures of cold explosive loves
Look, the film is ending, I keep forgetting the opening lines
It's you I'm leaving behind, behind

Long days have silently turned into nights
Once we were one and entwined, but now we walk a different path
and there's no one to blame, don't feel ashamed

You'll never accept the reasons I've shown you the door
immersed in your convictions, my silence you ignore
You say it's great, why down the drain
and how come I don't shed no tears
well I am leaving, my dear
I am leaving, my dear

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