Where art thou – אייכה \ שולי רנד

מילים ולחן: שולי רנד, תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

My heavenly lord, can I share my thoughts
your world wears me down, more often than not
Where would I hide from your eternal grace
do I plead, or justify this feeble phrase

Oh merciful lord, my soul is in your hands
see a humble believer who is hanging by a thread
defying sadness, anguish and a long lived despair
I've lost the joy and wit that I could spare

The voices from the past are whispering me to halt
instead, amidst the darkness, I row my boat
and I pray and demand, where art thou

This empty headed sage is arrowing my path
I stumble and fall, as he fortifies his wrath
Sacred soul, please shed no broken tears
your voice is my witness, I held you so dear

When the secrets from the past command me to halt
instead, amidst the darkness, I row my boat
and I pray and demand, where art thou

At the end of the day, I will be swept ashore
where the merciful soil will sail me to its lore
and then I'd cry and justify my earthly ways
how I rowed in that darkness, night and day
and I'd pray and demand, and I'd yearn, where art thou


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