The road we take – דרכנו

מילים: יענקל'ה רוטבליט, לחן: יזהר אשדות, תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

See the candle light dissolve with the moon's glow
as your hair flows upon the bed
See the flowered tree, right through the window
Now the silence returns, your smile makes everything melt

Mighty storms swept by, but calmed down their anger
and your face now looks as peaceful as the sea
Distant rays of light, still guide us further
Our path is ahead, the journey awaits you and me

Yes, the road we take is long and winding
and your eyes are sometimes veiled by remorse
Feel the blooming fields we shall be crossing
frosty mountain peaks, that rise along the course

Tender flakes of light become your tear dew
and a distant smile is reaching out for me
All the treasures of this world await you
Rest your head on my shoulder, hold my hand, will you, dear

Soon the candle light depletes its calling
Soon the sacred silence loses one more fight
One more restless day has started pounding
You shall not go alone, I'll be there, by your side

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