Text factor – טקסט פקטור \ אתגר מויאל

מאת אתגר מויאל, מתוך ספרו "מין גנעדנום" בהוצאת עיתון 77. תרגום לאנגלית: נדבי נוקד

I'm the text factor
I'm swiveling chairs
I'm the curtaining airs
I'm the magistrates' lairs
I'm the next John Doe
I'm the essence of foe
I'm a feather-tipped ink
I'm the narcissist prick
I'm sick of it all
I'm a zero and whole
I'm a singular lapse
I'm born to collapse
I'm a flavor – intense
I'm missing the point
I'm flaming the frame
I'm chaoting this joint
I'm the utmost of rare
I'm the confection I wear
I'm a thinker, so thorough
I'm yestertomorrow
I'm the black truth-be-told
I'm the whitening lie
I'm the core of the cold
I'm a bum, certified
I'm never mislead
I'm a wisdoming mind
I'm a gullible head
I'm all and entwined
I'm still good to go
I'm quitting the chase
I'm loathing those rats
I'm building the case
I'm a contrast-man walking
I'm a warehouse of phrase
I'm not gonna end
I'm abundant with scares
I'm forcing myself
I'm going away
I'm in love with you all
I'm running to sway
I'm in need of some sleep
I'm always awake
I'm gonna sing you a song
I'm a memory lane
I'm a person of peace
I'm fighting, so tamed
I'm so glad you came
I'm you and the same

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